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A conjunction is a word that "joins". A conjunction joins two parts of a sentence.

Here are some example conjunctions:

Coordinating ConjunctionsSubordinating Conjunctions
and, but, or, nor, for, yet, soalthough, because, since, unless

We can consider conjunctions from three aspects.


Conjunctions have three basic forms:

  • Single Word
    for example: and, but, because, although

  • Compound (often ending with as or that)
    for example: provided that, as long as, in order that

  • Correlative (surrounding an adverb or adjective)
    for example: so...that


Conjunctions have two basic functions or "jobs":

  • Coordinating conjunctions are used to join two parts of a sentence that are grammatically equal. The two parts may be single words or clauses, for example:
    - Jack and Jill went up the hill.
    - The water was warm, but I didn't go swimming.

  • Subordinating conjunctions are used to join a subordinate dependent clause to a main clause, for example:
    - I went swimming although it was cold.


  • Coordinating conjunctions always come between the words or clauses that they join.

  • Subordinating conjunctions usually come at the beginning of the subordinate clause.
This video will help you to understand more on past tense. Have fun watching!!:)

Now Lets Do This Simple Exercise :)

Talking About Australia - Using Conjunctions

Australia is very hot in December, _________ cold in July._________ the
country is _________, there aren't many people living there. Australia has a lot
of interesting _________. The koala is cute, _________ the crocodile is
_________. Australia has a lot of open spaces,_________the weather is good,
_________ sport is very _________. Australian people _________ eat
barbecued food.

[ and ]


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