Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring is Finally Here!

My absolute favorite time of the year is springtime. I love to see the colorful flowers in my garden. They make a rainbow of colors that brightens my day. Especially after this harsh winter that we had, I need the joy of spring. We were covered in snow so many times this winter. I have been waiting and waiting for a lovely spring day to arrive. Today it is here. It is a delight to be outdoors, enjoying the cool breeze off the ocean in the town where I live. The radiant reflection of the sun shining off everything around me. There is nothing better than a bright, cheery spring day. I wish spring lasted all year. At work the squirrels and rabbits are running around playing. All winter they spent searching for food, but now it is spring and they can run, scamper, and play. The sounds of spring are all so joyous. The birds are singing their pleasing melody, the sun is smiling down on us, and you and hear the sweet laughter of the children who have finally come out to play again. Springtime signals a time of rebirth. The hibernating animals awake, new babies are born, and come out to play just like the children we see every day. There is nothing better than a warm spring day. It is full of light, and life. The sounds of spring bring peace and calm to a boisterous world. I'm so glad it is spring!

Vocabulary Activity Time!
Match the definition in the cloud column with the words listed below.

a. Absolute : _______
b. Favorite : _______
c. Brightens : ______
d. Lovely : ________
e. Delight : _______
f. Radiant : _______
9. Scamper : ______
h. Joyous : _______
i. Pleasing melody : _____
j. Rebirth : ______
k. Hibernating: ______
l. Boisterous: _______

Grammar Point:
Adjectives are words that describe nouns. In the paragraph there are several adjectives. For example: pleasing melody. Pleasing is the adjective and it describes melody, the noun.

Grammar Activity:

Can you find other adjectives in the paragraph? Write the adjectives and the noun that they describe. Label each as either adjective or noun. Then write a paragraph about your favorite time of the year either in the United States or in your native country. You must include at least five adjectives in your paragraph.


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